Musing on a cold and sunny January, 2021

January 17, 2021 2 Comments

Musing on a cold and sunny January, 2021

Musings on a cold, sunny January, 2021....

Normally, after coffee  I meander to my dock on the lake behind my home  to meditate and feel the energy of a new day’s sunrise. The feeling of inspiration  and excitement consumes me as the first rays of light escape over the horizon.  This gift is one that I am lucky to experience quite often. 

But not today...I felt an emptiness lurking inside my brain that I could no longer ignore. I had been struggling with living in our alternative world. No sunrise for me today as  I was stopped by the images my shadow projected on the steps down to the lake.

I have learned that life never follows  a straight line.  Today I was turned and  pulled in another direction.

Long ago I learned to not resist when these turns occur, but to look inside and listen  As I sat quietly and turned up the volume several things came bubbling up.

Was it the needless deaths and suffering of so many from Covid 19? Was it the hunger and suffering of so many? Was it the deaths and loss  of several close friends/family unrelated to Covid 19? Was it the loss of one-on-one physical contact with other people without masks and socially distanced? Was it wondering when  travel and safe connections will be possible?  Was it the cold chill of winter on my 67-year-old bones?  Or was it another birthday that was knocking so soon? 

I am sure that's it's a combination of all of these events. Taking time and looking inside my shadows is messy but my only resolve.  I am at loss to control many of these events, so just listening to my brain and processing is my salvation.  Also, taking the time to compose this has given me some solace. 

 I offer profound  empathy and love the families of those who have left this world. I also hope this transition to a new leadership, will be peaceful this week.  We all need to work together and respect our differences.  I hope we can all share a vaccine and learn the new  pathway through life.

Lastly, I am reminded to never give up HOPE.... To continue to desire and consider the future possibilities.

Have a good week. Be safe and wear a mask.



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Vivian Arcidiacono
Vivian Arcidiacono

January 20, 2021

Al, very touching and timely. Has always admired your strength and energy and passion for all things living. You are an inspiration and you give many so much joy. Thanks for this post. It was just what I needed. xoxo, V

Sally Fenoglio
Sally Fenoglio

January 18, 2021

Beautiful post to accompany this winter season which provides us with a time & space to to look inward and deep. Winter is the season of water which teaches me to accept what is and like the water, whatever is flowing thru today is constantly changing. How sad is the toll of COVID 19. How lucky we are to live so deeply immersed in nature at the lake and beach, where we can find solace and comfort for our souls.

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