Awards, Shows & Art Education


Under Fire 2 A National Enamel show at the Krikorian Gallery October 21-November 17, 2018
Glassell School of Art and the MFAH Certificate/Graduation Show, June 2018 2017 Glassell Student Enamel Show, ​November 2017 "Textures"
Glassell school of Art and the MFAH at the Kinder Morgan Building, 1001 Louisiana, Houston, Texas June-August, 2017
Hand Drawn with Enameled Jewelry at the Glassell School of Art April 2017 ​
Conroe Art League Invitational Show, 2017 ​
2016 Houston Metal Arts Guild juried show at the Jung Center (Juror Andy Cooperman)
Monte Award from the Conroe Art League for Achievement
🏆Conroe Art League Spring Judged show Abstract/Experimental Objective Art, First Place
🏆Conroe Art League Spring Judged show Sculpture, First Place ​2015
🏆Conroe Art League Fall Judged show Best in Category Abstract/Experimental Objective Art, First Place
🏆Conroe Art League Fall Judged show, Professional Division, Sculpture, 2nd Place SAO/Select 2015 Glassell Art School, Museum of Fine Arts,Houston, Texas Glassell Student Art Exhibition 2015 Finalist for the Woodlands High School Art Trust 2014-2015 2014
🏆Conroe Art League Judged Fall Show, 2nd place sculpture, 2nd and 3rd place mixed media professional division LSAG Judged Show,Woodlands Professional division, Sculpture, Honorable Mention
🏆Conroe Art League Judged Spring Show professional division 1st place and 2nd place sculpture Conroe Art League Spring Judged Show professional division honorable mention painting Woodlands Art League Spring Judged Show Honorable mention in acrylic painting and mixed media professional division 2011
🏆Watercolor Society Houston experimental Show, 2nd place, Juror Arthur Turner ​2010
🏆Watercolor society Houston, Honorable Mention 2009
🏆Watercolor society Houston, 3rd place Group Shows: Visual Art Alliance 31st Juried Membership Exhibition, 1600 Smith Street, Houston, Texas 77002, Sept 28-Nov 15, 2017 Dennis Nance Juror
Visual Art Alliance 6th Juried Invitational Exhibition, 1600 Smith Street, Houston, Texas 77002, July 14-Aug 22, 2017 Nicole Longnecker Juror Visual Arts Alliance 31st Open Exhibition, Three Allen Center, Houston Texas, Clint Willour Juror
"Selections from the Painting Department" Glassell school of Art and the MFAH at the Kinder Morgan Building, 1001 Louisiana,Houston Texas April 28 through July 2014
18 Hands Gallery Metal Art Guild Show Your Metal II, Houston, Texas 2014 Conroe Art League Spring Show, Conroe Texas, 2014
Woodlands Art League Spring Juried Show, 2014 Glassell School of Art Student Show, 2013
Glassell Painting Department Show, 2012 J Bangle Gallery, Galveston, Texas 2011 Pearl Fincher Museum Spring, Texas 2010
Jack Meir Gallery Invited Show 2011, Houston, Texas Art on the Boulevard 2011, 2012 Houston,
Texas Watercolor Society Houston 2010, 2011, 2012
Solo Exhibitions Cha Champagne Bar 2012 Houston,
Texas Art Education Glassell School of Art 2006 to 2018,
Certificate Graduate Glassell School of Art, June 2018 Instructors: Patrick Palmer, Francesca Fuchs, Janet Hassinger, Jan Harrell, Jay Hill, Brian Portman, Charlotte Cosgrove, Stephanie Martz, Patrick Masterson, David E. Brauer, Arielle Masson, Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrek
MOMA New York: Art History and Techniques of Modernists, Online 2011
Art Workshops Attended Making Jewelry tools with Val Link and HMAG 2017
​Andy Cooperman "Connections" HMAG 2017
Kent White forming and designing metal 2014 San Antonio Texas
Connections Pat Flynn Metalwerx Waltham Mass 2016
Fold forming Charles Lewton Brain, Metalwerx Waltham Mass 2016
Fusing Glass Hollander Glass, Hollander Glass with Cyndi Seeberger, Houston 2017 Making Murrini and the Vitrigraph Kiln Larry Pile, Hollander Glass, Houston 2017 Fusing and Casting Glass Rocks by Kate MacLeod, Hollander Glass, Houston 2017 Blending Colours in Tall Vessel Forms by Amanda Simmons at Bullseye Studios New York October,
2018 Dream Life of Materials with Judy Tuwaletstiwa and Ted Sawyer June 2019 at Bullseye glass Santa Fe, New Mexico Comlex Murrini and Forms. Nathan Sanberg Gold on a budget Alex Boyd Gold on Steel with Bette Barnett at Metalwerx Unconventional Setting with Paulette Werger at Metalwerx
Art Leadership positions
President, Conroe Art League 2014-2016
Judging Woodlands Waterway Art Festival Student section 2d and 3d art 2015, 2016, 2018 Woodlands Waterway Art Festival 3d Art and Sculpture 2015, 2016,
2018 Congressional Art Competition 2015, 2016 for Rep. Brady Grants ​2016 Texas Commission on the Arts for the Art and Nutrition program Education & Classes
Taught by Al Nutrition and Art 2015, 2016 ​Advanced Murrini Cane and the Vitrigraph Kiln, Hollander Glass, Houston, Texas, May 2018 ​
Societies and Memberships
The Enamelist Society
Glassell Student Activity Organization
Glass Arts Society
Houston Metal Arts Guild
MOMA New York MFAH Houston, Texas The Menil Houston,
Texas Society of North American Goldsmiths
Visual Arts Alliance Houston, Texas Watercolor Society Houston,
Texas Jewelers Board of Trade