About the artist

Al Heilman 


Al Heilman's artistic journey is a testament to his profound connection with nature and his dedication to healing through his creations. His art, expressed across various media, emanates serenity, harmony, and a deep reverence for both the natural world and humanity.

Al's path to art is a testament to the winding roads life can take. His earlier pursuits in pharmacy and medicine led him to become an orthopedic spine surgeon, where he helped countless individuals regain function and vitality. However, life's twists took him on a new trajectory due to his own health challenges. With courage, he embraced a new paradigm by wholeheartedly embracing his passion for art. Classes at the Glassell School of Art and a fellowship in Integrative Medicine paved the way for his transformative journey.

His works mirror the colors of sunrises and sunsets, portraying the ever-changing facets of nature. This connection brings a therapeutic essence to his art. He beautifully weaves the healing power of art into his personal narrative, inspiring others on their own healing journeys.

Beyond his naturalistic creations, Al delves into social issues, raising awareness about societal wounds that need healing. Pieces like "Black Lives Matter," "Genes," and "SOS: Our Guns or Our Children" poignantly express his commitment to equality and justice. His art serves as a vehicle for both personal and collective healing.

Navigating the creative process poses its own challenges, but Al remains unafraid of failures and experiments. His willingness to embrace uncertainty leads him through challenging phases to eventual completion. He channels the highs and lows of creativity, using obstacles as catalysts for his artistic expression.

Al Heilman's art journey embodies resilience, transformation, and an unwavering commitment to healing through creative expression. His story, infused with nature's beauty and humanity's struggles, is a testament to the power of art to mend both individual souls and societal wounds.