A Life's Passage


I have been working on this glass panel for a while while caring for you as you transitioned.

I was touched by you in so many ways.

Some positive and others very challenging..

I love what you said on one of our last days together when I brought a new work to your bedside.

"That you finally understood why I choose to be an artist, and you could see

and feel it in my work"

May your journey in heaven be beautiful and comforting without pain.



A Life passage

Fused glass


Leona Marie Heilman

Born September 21, 1929

Deceased October 14, 2019

Leona (Lee) Marie Heilman was born in Denver, Colorado to Marie and Richard Lawrence on September 21, 1929. She was introduced to the world as a surprise to her parents, 15 minutes after her twin brother, Earl. She also had an older brother James who had red hair. She also had copper red hair, and a passion to match. Lee celebrated her 90th birthday this September. Both of her brothers are deceased. 

A loving husband, Don, survives her. They celebrated 68 years of marriage this year and had a special connection, which was, sealed every morning and night with a “smooch”.  Family connections were important to her, and she lived near her son, Al and his wife, Elizabeth. She loved his art, and was surrounded by it in her home. She took great joy in her two granddaughters, and three great granddaughters: Rebecca and Daniel Davison and their daughters Eve and Hadley, and Elizabeth and Mark Greenburg and their daughter Frances. Frances unquestionably resembles her great-grandmother, including her red hair. Lee was excited to hear of a new grandson on the way this March. They had many wonderful times together as a family celebrating birthdays, and holidays and enjoying her granddaughter's sporting events. She always had a flair for fun, often surprising her granddaughters with silly outfits or singing toys. She loved collections, from tea sets to elephants to ceramic Christmas villages, and found joy in sharing her valued treasures with her family. In recent years, she collected stickers for her great-granddaughters' visits. 

Lee graduated from South High School in Denver, where there were 23 sets of twins in her high school.  She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado State University (formerly Colorado A&M) and a Masters degree in Home Economics from Northern Illinois University.  

In college, she hosted her own radio show about campus happenings. She did research on Bisquick for the Betty Crocker Company, exploring on how high altitude changed its performance. She taught home economics at DeKalb High School for many years, where she pioneered a Food Service Curriculum. Later, Lee and Don taught together at Northern Illinois University. Her Alma Mater, Colorado State University, selected her to receive CSU’s Alumni Association “Outstanding 50 Year Club” in 2003 in recognition of her community service, and the successes she achieved in her industry. 

Her community service was further illustrated by her commitment to the women's group P.E.O. This is a philanthropic organization where women celebrate the advancement of women; educate women through scholarships, grants, awards, loans and support women’s friendship.

She was active in chapters located in Dekalb, Illinois and Sugarland, Texas. 

She loved nature, and especially her flower gardens. She was an innovator who created Panoramic Easter Eggs from sugar to help fund Don’s education. Learning to needlepoint was a lifelong passion and it was where she met many close friends. Even into her late 80’s, she painted Disney pillows that she donated to The Children’s Hospital in the Woodlands. Her last craft creations were fabulous pink flamingo birdhouses.

She made close bonds wherever she went, and had a great community of friends in Windsor Hills, in the Woodlands, TX. Her mischievous sparkle, generosity of spirit, and sense of fun were ever present.

She will be missed.

A Memorial service will be held at 11 am on Friday October 25th, 2019 at the Conroe Funeral Directors Chapel located at 1504 N Thompson St, Conroe, TX 77301

A Celebration of life Luncheon will follow at Al and Elizabeth’s Lake House. All are invited. Instructions to their home will be provided at the chapel.

In lieu of flowers Don has asked that you may wish to make a donation to the P.E.O. Organization, thru their web page.

Let the day begin

With a pallet from God..




A new day is born

Hanging Glass panel of Fused Glass powders, Cypress frame.  30x30 inches

Four Seasons

Let the hidden magic flow into my senses

Let the colors light up my soul

Let the energy of the new seasons come from over the horizon

Let the memories begin

Four Seasons

Fused Glass on canvas covered wooden panel with acrylic


Fall Rhythm's

The air has a crispness

That rouses my soul

Leaves fall with rainbows of color

The days shorten, and home fires burn

All familiar rhythms

Enriching my soul

A new day is Born out of the night

Silence awakens me from a deep slumber 

Nudging me to worship at nature’s altar  

A new day to savor...

The first glint of light escapes form the sleepy night sky

Pink hues drift over the horizon

Shimmering off the air and water

Expanding with such majesty and grace

Ethereal, mysterious

Nature’s symphony plays deft and bright

Sequestering my senses, flooding my mind  

Engaging my soul with a lengthy embrace

A requisite homage from the night...

A new day is born out of the night

Fused glass mounted on canvas coved wood panel


Murrini and Glass Necklaces

New Murrini and Glass necklaces are available.

Murrini and Glass Necklaces

Windows to my Soul

O keeper, swing open the door to life

Release the blackness of the night

Transition me to a new beginning

Savor the sensations of my dreams

From the Galaxy of my mind

Throw open the windows to my soul

Fused Glass mounted on canvas covered panel with acrylic 24x24x3

S.O.S "Our Children or our Guns"

The international Morse code  signal for distress is 3 long taps and 3 shorts. Our American society is in distress. How many more children and adult lives will be needlessly lost?

Please make sure you, and your friends are registered to vote.  Let your vote speak loudly.  

Mental health issues need to be recognized and treated and with insurance.  We must find a way to protect our children in schools and at play, as well as ourselves.  Appropriate and functional background checks  when buying a gun are essential.

30 x 30 x 3 Fused glass on canvas covered panel with acrylic and colored pencil.

Healing Balance

We need both the Yin and the Yang to make this process happen.

The way begot one,
And the one, two;
Then the two begot three
And three, all else.

Ref: Tao Te Ching

24x24x3 Fused Glass mounted on canvas covered panel with acrylic.


We're all made up of the same genetic building blocks.  Their patterns control how we look, and how our bodies function.

It is the fabulous variations that are evidenced in the elegance of humanity.


Fused Glass mounted on a Canvas covered wooden panel, Acrylic.

Neural Order

The nerves in our bodies have a magical arrangement that allows information to flow back and forth.


Fused Glass mounted on a Canvas covered wood panel, Acrylic


Life is full of many different currents and tides

Fused Glass Powders mounted on a wooden panel


Life's Passages

As we go thru life we all incur many injuries and scars. Some hidden and others require an operation and healing by a skilled surgeon and their team.

There is a higher power that touches us all and guides us and our souls thru these many  passages together.
Glass, wood, stainless steel,and paper.

Neural talk

Healing vessel #3

Our bodies are so complex and yet so beautiful. This Murrini and color vessel  represents how our spinal cord and nerves are encased and protected in our bodies. They are just a small part of the whole magnificant human vessel,  yet they control the all the functions in our bodies. In the end they are also so vulnerable. 

A majority of the proceeds will be donated to Spinal cord research.


Healing Vessel #2
Closing a wound in your body ( the vessel of our lives) after surgery requires sutures which are used to put tissues back together, but they and always leave  healing traces.
8.5 x 4.25 

A majority of the proceeds will be donated to Spinal cord research.

Sea Winds Vessel

Feeling the sensual nature of warm breezes flowing thru the seagrass.

Large Murrini Vessel 17x10.5x14

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