Al Heilman

Al Heilman's artistic expression is a breathtaking embodiment of nature's hues and emotions. Through his artwork, he captures the essence of natural landscapes, conjuring a palette of colors that reflect the moods and sensations of the world around us. Each piece resonates with a sense of movement and vitality, much like the enchanting experience of wandering through a forest or celebrating a special occasion. In his various works, Heilman masterfully uses glass as a medium to convey his emotions and experiences. Pieces like "A New Day Is Born Out of the Night" and "Windows to My Soul" seem to harness light itself, transforming it into a narrative that speaks to viewers on a profound level. The artist's use of glass powders and enamels adds layers of depth to his creations, allowing him to tell stories and explore themes such as life, journeys, and connections. Al Heilman's art is not just a visual spectacle; it's a dialogue between the artist and nature, infused with personal stories and emotions. Through his mastery of glasswork, he invites us to experience the world as he sees it, and to find our own connections within his vibrant and evocative creation.

Studio Visits are welcomed and by appointment only.