Fused Glass Powders mounted on a wooden panel


Life's Passages

This is a continuation of my healing works.

As we go thru life we all incur many injuries and scars. Some hidden and others require an operation and healing by a skilled surgeon and their team.

There is a higher power that touches us all and guides us and our souls thru these many  passages together.
Glass, wood, stainless steel,and paper.

Neural talk

Healing vessel #3

Our bodies are so complex and yet so beautiful. This Murrini and color vessel  represents how our spinal cord and nerves are encased and protected in our bodies. They are just a small part of the whole magnificant human vessel,  yet they control the all the functions in our bodies. In the end they are also so vulnerable. 


Healing Vessel #2
Closing a wound in your body ( the vessel of our lives) after surgery requires sutures which are used to put tissues back together, but they and always leave  healing traces.
8.5 x 4.25 

A Healing Vessel

Healing Vessel #1

Our bodies (Vessels) are designed to be strong, but they also  can become very fragile and injured.

They are  beautifully built  and are designed in so many fantastic shapes and colors. 

Then life happens, and we suddenly experience how difficult it is to rebuild them.

I designed this vessel to heal following a friends spinal cord injury. 

I hope the colors and design of this vessel will encourage us all to take time to celebrate  and care for the  wonderful vessels we live in. 

They are magnificent and yet so fragile.


Morning Blush

Watching the morning sunrises, I feel energized and calm.  This panel changes its expression depending on the time of the day, and the light available.

Fused Glass powders.  24x24 inches

Out of Bounds

Life presents boundaries that  we all can count on and others that are not supported and lead us into  the shadows.

Stone and Stainless steel  6x6x6

Human evolution

As humans have evolved, we have produced many inventions that always leave footprints. They either leave our lives or nature precariously fighting for balance.


Spirits Passing

We live with so many different energies around us. Some we recognize but others we can only imagine. They all relate to each other and provide the harmony of our existence.

steel, wood, brass 6 x 10 x 10

Sea Winds Vessel

Feeling the sensual nature of warm breezes flowing thru the seagrass.

Large Murrini Vessel 17x10.5x14

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