Fine Jewelry

This jewelry is an example of my work, but is not a complete listing of all works. If you see a work you would like me to recreate for you my production times are about 3 weeks from approved concept drawings to delivery.

The art of creating fine jewelry is something I love. I love the intimate process of design and then fabrication and all the challenges that happen along the way.

I was introduced to jewelry making from my Dad who taught jewelry making in Denver at the opportunity school at night, after teaching industrial arts during the day.

I then furthered these skills initially at Glassell and then thru many great courses with metalsmiths/goldsmiths such as Jan Harrell, Sandy Zilker, Nathan Dube, Pat Flynn, Andy Cooperman, Charles Lewton-Brain, Cynthia Eid, Val Link, Anne Havel , John Barber and Kent White.

I can develop a similar work if what you fancy is sold or not available. Drop me a note and I will get you pricing and a production time.  Usually 4 to 6 weeks depending on the season.