Covid 19 Vaccines and the Ederly

February 03, 2021 2 Comments

Moderna Covid 19 Second Shot

Yesterday I took my 95 yr old Dad for his second Moderna covid shot. We drove about 45 miles to Houston on a bright sunny day. Spending time together is a gift that I am lucky to have. But as I reflected on the day, my mind was overfilled with so many intense feelings and images.
The one I will always remember was the appreciation and smile on my Dad's face. I was able to experience in a palpable way his concern and fear about covid lessen. We also spent time stopping by my daughter's homes and he was able to sit in the car and see the jubilance of being 1,3,4, and 5. An activity that he has missed.
A big thank you goes out to the logistical team that helped to administer these vaccines. A fellow college said it was all hands on deck and it showed. What a statement of love and pride I saw in so many workers' eyes as we passed them in line.
The images of so many, who were standing in line waiting for their shots was powerful. I asked my dad if he had ever experienced anything like this in his life and the response was no. His only recollection was how people came together in the war efforts to serve or ration. I saw many family members helping the elderly with love and concern. Many we're in pretty extreme condition.
I am reminded that aging is not something shown in our society's papers or news. In many ways they are forgotten, but not here today. They 're ready and willing to end this pandemic no matter the struggle to get to the hospital or the aches a shot may have. What courage.
There were lines of walkers and wheelchairs used by so many Such valuable aids to so many, but a stark reminder that aging with Grace needs assistance. I was starkly reminded that supporting the elderly both emotionally and physically is as big a key as a vaccine. Every one there had a family who was also a victim of this pandemic. It knows no boundaries and it is here in full force. The elderly were the ones who put their lives on the line in battles and wars that allow us to live the life we have.
I then walked over to put back the wheel chair we had borrowed and I just felt grateful. Grateful for the science needed to get the vaccines out, grateful for so many healthcare workers and front line workers who have kept our country running. Grateful for the garbage men, delivery persons and so many others.
But the image that is the most searng in my mind is the number of people who have been lost or are suffering in so many ways. Having worked in medicine and ICU's for a good portion of my life I realize how fragile the balance of life and death is.
Thank God we are getting people the vaccine and the glimmer of a better year ahead. I am so glad we are caring for our parents and grandparents. They are the foundation that formed is.

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Carol Berger
Carol Berger

February 04, 2021

So glad your dad got his vaccine


February 03, 2021

So moving Al I wanted to share with daughter and very close friends.

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