Metal & Wood Sculpture

For many years I was taught to  work with my hands and tools by my Dad. He taught industrial arts. I created my  first sculpture work was when I sawed off the end of a end table with a hand saw my grandfather bought me at age 5.  This composition was not met with rave reviews from my parents.

The next major design/build challenge was building a soap box derby and winning the DeKalb, Illinois  race in 1967.  I won a savings bond and a  trip to the national race in Akron, Ohio.  Unfortunately I lost that race.  I next worked as a carpenter during  college building all sorts of structures. 

Building  and designing things has continued throughout my life, as I have designed and built  several homes and our primary home/ studio on the lake.    ​I also built much of the  cabinetry and furniture. At one point I was seriously contemplating Architecture School rather than continuing  a pre med Biochemistry degree. 

Next I  applied these skills to practice  as an  orthopedic spine surgeon for many years. 

Then life happens, and I  was forced to explore a  new horizon and  Art become my salvation. Perhaps this was a  seed that was ready to blossom. It was a natural fit to combine my skills in woodworking, metalworking and design into sculpture. 

This is a sampling of my many sculpture works.  

I can develop a similar work if what you fancy is sold or not available. Drop me a note and I will get you pricing and a production time.  Usually 4 to 6 weeks depending on the season.

Many of the pieces are on display at  my Houston Gallery ​Mixed Emotions fine Art in Houston.