Nature's Gift, No purchase's needed!

February 16, 2022

Nature's Gift, No purchase's needed!

I was editing my  photo images this morning, and this one spoke to me.  I was overwhelmed by the intensity and joy of this memory.

Frances and Charlie, two of our grandchildren, love to be outside. Whether it's swinging, taking a walk, or zooming around the yard.   A few days ago, Frances spotted  this leaf. She was so excited and happy to give it to me.  

Children have such a perfect eye to spot the most important things in life. Playing with an empty carboard box, spashing water or throwing a rock. The elegance of their minds, playing in nature is sublime.

The backbone of the leaf resembles the tree of life.  The color palette reflects the subtle changing of the seasons.  She delicately held it, like it was a treasure. I remember the excitement in her voice calling me over to show off her precious find. It was divine. 

Taking an evening walk with Charlie to see the ducks was also very special.

Children and nature are a true gift from God. They are brain food that nourishes the soul.  

Mornining meditation sunrise

Frances and I, also spotted this hawk on a walk around the neighborhood. 

Sitting high in a tree,  clinging to a branch, he sat majestically posed to see the world.  With quietness and poise, he sat with us for about 10 minutes, before he effortlessly glided off to his next perch. His ability to listen and observe was inspiring. 

I am fortunate to be at a stage in life, where I have time to be present.

I am forever grateful for this medicine, as it has nourished my recovery from prostate cancer surgery.

No fancy toys or purchases needed!






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