Medicare 2022..Buyer Beware!!

February 02, 2022

Medicare 2022..Buyer Beware!!

Medicare 2022 Buyer beware!!!

I have the joy of having my 96 year old father close by. A few days ago he developed an acute issue with his right leg. There was a great deal of discoloration in his calf and significant swelling. He is alert and I reached out to his prior wound care physicians for help. They were personal friends, and thru texts we worked out a game plan going forward, until they could get them into their office. After trying to get an appointment for 2 days I was told today that they did not accept his United healthcare advantage medical plan any more. I next offered to pay cash and was told that would be illegal. I could get Apt in 3 weeks with a different md. I think it has more to do with a billing program and office management at St Luke's health care who runs the practice in the woodlands.

What has happened to patient care and compassion? And, the power if plain old cash. Luckily his PCP’s office nurse practitioner has been helpful getting labs and keeping him out of the Emergency room.

My take on this is to be acutely aware when buying insurance and picking a doctor. Know what the doctor accepts, what the insurance does and does not cover. I am not a fan of managed plans for Medicare as they limit access and care.

The flashy commercials and mailers are just a tip on what you are really getting and what your  paying for. For me regular Medicare with a good supplemental plan and prescription plan have worked well. I have also,been able to pay cash when I need specialty care like eyelid surgery to restore my visual fields.


Thankfully, my Dad has recovered  from the bump in the road.


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