My Daughters

March 01, 2022

My Daughters

My daughters are a fabulous gift that has enriched my life in so many ways. When I held them in my arms, for the first time, I could have never imagined how they would grow into such accomplished women. I was an only child.  I knew so little about how fabulous girls can be. For example, I never knew how to have a tea party. They loved having tea partys, especially with thier grandparents. The list of things a Dad has to learn about girls is endless.

It has been a wonderful journey for me. I am grateful that I have a close relationship with each of them.

During my residency, I recieved some  sage advice, from a fellow surgeon.  He wished he had made it a priority to be in his kids lives.  He was always prioritizing his work at the hospital.  I rarely let this happen, and I am grateful I did.

Rebecca and Elizabeth are 3 years apart and are very close. They live nearby in Houston.  Each has 2 children, and they are married to great men.

They received thier grade school and high schooln education in Houston.  Both graduated with undergraduate degrees from Vanderbilt. Becca also has M.B.A. from Stern in N.Y.C. and Lizzy completed a grafics design certificate program in San Francisco.

They initially had jobs in N.Y.C. and San Francisco, with IBM and Google. When they both decided to return to Houston, and start their families, we were overjoyed. 

One of  the most fullfiling things to watch, has been their growth into successful entrepreneurs. 

Every child had different passions growing up that makes you wonder what they will finally end up pursuing.  My oldest Becca loved  reading and organizing and Lizzy loved sports and creating jewelry. They both enjoyed the competitiveness of sports.

Fast forward to 2022 and they both are running thier own companies. Becca teamed up with her mother to bring "Unbuckle Me" a device, to help people open their kids car seat buckles, to market. They were on Shark Tank, and now are selling an additional line of products for kids, and car safety. She also has teamed with her husband Danny, to help with this business. 

Lizzy has teamed up with her husband, Marek to create a company that sells an educational deck of cards to help young parents learn what to do, and offer suggestions on learning games to play with new babies and toddlers.  They have collaborated with a team of experts,  and have won a Brain Child award for this deck of cards. They are also avaiable in Spanish.

They also have added a line of wooden toys, and have a couple of new exciting offerings coming out soon.

Their company is called "Curious Baby cards".

Looking back I could never have imagined their life paths.  I have learned a great deal by watching the many hours of hard work both have put in to their companies.

It was road that had lots of curves, and at times some big struggles.  Each has maneuvered through these challenges with grace.  

Excelling in their lives as mothers, wives, and now running  thier own companies is something I am very thankful for.  

Sharing the grandchildren is also a very special gift. 




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