Cutting Larger Murrini Glass (greater than 10 mm) on A (Dewalt)  wet tile Saw

February 06, 2018 1 Comment

Cutting Larger Murrini Glass (greater than 10 mm) on A (Dewalt)  wet tile Saw

This you tube video describes the process I use to cut larger pieces of murrine into parallel pieces.  I then use these pieces  to fuse a  blank that I use for making drop ring Murrine Vessels.  A list of tools and supplies are in this blog.

There are several great wet tile saws for glass.  I like the Dewalt wet tile saw for several reasons.  The first is it is very precise, Second it is easy to clean, Third it has plenty of power, Fourth it has a nice stand and it is mobile and lastly I can get repair parts easily.

Find the wet glass saw that works for you and read the instructions fully before you use it. 

The most important aspect of using any tool is safety.  I wear safety glasses whenever I use this machine and many times I wear a full face mask to protect my face from flying glass.  Never work tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Keep all loose hair and clothes away from a spinning blade.  Never wear rings or loose clothing around any type of saw.  With a wet saw be sure it is appropriately grounded and use a ground fault circuit.  Never work barefooted around electricity as any electrical issues could be catastrophic.

​Use this tool  at your own risk.

But in the end have some fun in your studio exploring new techniques and ideas!!
If you have a suggestion for a future blog drop me a note and we will try and research it and present it.

Thank you for your time.

Wet tile saw with stand
Rubber Apron
Glass cutting diamond blade for wet tile saw. Be Careful to get the model 155950 which is a good blade for glass but for a finer finish use the model 168439  
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