Changes and The New Normal

July 06, 2020 1 Comment

Changes and The New Normal

This blog was published in the Conroe currier as letter to the editor May 7th 2020.

As I reflect on this past week, so many things have changed for me. I closed my Houston Gallery at Winter Street that I shared with Patrick  Palmer. This was due to concerns about future exposure and my health. We have a great relationship and I loved the opportunity to work together at the gallery. Closing was a sad process that brought clarity to the fact that we are living in a "new normal". The only person in charge of my health is me, not the politicians who are betting against the doctors and guessing that early openings will not cause a backlash in cases and deaths. We still have no treatment for this virus. Until we do have a vaccine, we need to take precautions.

Then came the horrible images and the the death of George Floyd. It brought to light the large disparity of how we treat people in our country and how the vurus is disproportionately effecting minority's. This is not the first time, and I fear that the uproar will only get worse unless we can learn to treat each other with equal respect and and provide equal access to health care.

It appears as if some of our politicians have much different agendas. Being bullied and offering attacks on people will never bring people together.

It is time to really listen and feel the pain so many have. We need to learn from our fellow humans how we can all work together non-violently. We need to all be treated equally by the police and under our laws. We all have the same rights and needs for safety, respect and a right to be heard.

We are capable of change and healing. I hope that those who are in morning can find a way to heal. Having recently lost my Mom, I can offer that this process is not a fast or easy one. To have the violence and issues on top of this is unfortunate and something that is horrible.

As an Artist, I work with vessels and healing. I hope this vessel will be a seed for change and healing. Healing is possible in this difficult time. It will take time, reflection and change to forge a new way forward.

Be safe, healthy and social distance.




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Carol Berger
Carol Berger

May 31, 2020

Amen to this.

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