Birthday musings

January 30, 2022

Birthday musings

Birthdays are a reminder that life never stands still.  My journey through life has given me this time of recovery to reflect and ponder its future directions.  It is a cool morning today. The sun made its arrival in a splendid way. The birds awoke with songs of joy and I greeted this morning with thankful appreciation.  I have a life partner who has exceeded the definitions of a wife by infinity. My children are all happily married and thriving as parents and wives and I still have the joy of my father, and new play houses at the lake.

The new playhouse

My Dad


During the last 17 days since saying farewell to my prostate and cancer, I have observed so much. 

First:  The doctors and medical team's we have are exceptional.  Even with the stress of a global pandemic, they are powering through to serve so many with excellent care. Yes, the emergency services need help. There are so many people in need of care from the ravages of diseases like cancer and other chronic conditions.  Their plight has been the one that our society has forgotten. I hope we can all have more compassion for our fellow humans and be less centered on the “me“. The lack of beds in our hospitals and the burnout of it's caregivers cannot be ignored.

Second: I am grateful that I have balance in my journey.  Having struggled many times, the pendulum has now recentered itself. Luckily I learned to follow my passions as an artist and creative.  I have turned down the volume of the talking heads on the news and replaced that with time to see the joys of everyday life.

The hawk who visited my granddaughter and I on a walk spoke to me.  Sitting high in a tree and clinging to a branch he sat majestically posed to see the world.  With quietness and poise, he sat with us for about 10 minutes, before he effortlessly glided off to his next perch. His ability to listen and observe was sublime.  We are bombarded with so much information in our digital world. We are being asked to multitask and respond without having the time to process and think. Thank you, hawk, for reinforcing this lesson.

Third: Aging will happen to all of us,  unless we are unlucky.  I choose the former for as long as I can.  It is not for the weak hearted. But the rewards far exceed the challenges.  To be able to savor the bliss of nature and family are my rewards.  I look at life with open senses and happiness.  That is my only choice.

Fourth:  I appreciate all the support and encouragement.  The power of family and friends is profound. “69” is just a number. I define it as the best day of many more to come.


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