Spring Vessels

Al Heilman Art


Brighten your day with a sensuous pastel flower vase. Each one is different. Combine them, or give them to your favorite friend(s). Hand-finished organic thin rims. Not designed for food products. Each one is different in both height and the way to the top is finished. 

Each vessel is custom formed, with a different shape and final size. They require  2 firings in the kiln, and then a fair amount of cold working.

2 inches wide x 3 to 7inches tall. 

Please contact me to check for the availability of those in stock.

When the current inventory is gone.. I will produce 

new vessels, but that takes 2 to 3 weeks for production time

Deep Purple vessels are 100 dollars, due to the gold used to produce the glass.

 These vessels are made on commission only. 

Type: Fused Glass