My life's Journey

Al Heilman Art


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Steel with Patina, Hand formed steel, Acrylic, and Baltic Birch Panel  


About this piece: 


My Life's Journey

The background is the white wall. Much like a blank slate or empty page.

The next layer is a black smooth, elongated, and folded triangle. Its form and direction are upward. This represent the formal and organized years of education we have undertaken and the many turns learning takes.

The last layer is the textured free form than is uplifting that represents my organic and complex growth as an artist. No one element is dominant just as in life. When you look at them together you can appreciate the complexities and interplay of each, and how together they express the beauty and complexity of life.

Together they also cast many different shadows, much like we do in our lives.

We are not just simple coding of DNA but a complex jigsaw of experiences and layers. Each layer is separate, but taken as a whole they have a presence.