Elizabeth Wall Panel

Al Heilman Art


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Steel with multiple patinas, acrylic, on mounted on brass on Baltic birch panel


About this piece:

This work is a 3 dimensional wall panel.

The background layer is the texture of growth rings in the Baltic birch panel. This is much like a fingerprint as no two are alike.
The integration of negative and positive spaces forms an initial experience. When I created this image I was struck by the negative space of a woman's arm . As I formed this form I was also captivated by the image of a bird’s eye when viewed sideways.

Both in Mediterranean and northern European cultures, birds are the messengers of gods; at a symbolic level, this gives them the capacity to predict, with their very presence, beneficial or harmful future events. Since antiquity, migrating birds have been seen as souls and, therefore, metamorphosis is one of the long-lasting cosmological paradigms in Mediterranean culture.
A very fitting description of my muse, and wife.