Musing... "What is" and "What is not"

February 25, 2021

Musing... "What is" and "What is not"

Morning musings from the lake, February 25th  2021
I am struck by the weather this am. It is not great, it is not clear, it is not cold, it is just a plain vanilla February day with overcast skies and a nagging soggy mist.  As I reflect on this description I am drawn to my use of the phrase “it is not” 
The “it is not” descriptions I have used  missed the beauty that this day brings. I think this is part covid pandemic thinking and the other part my age. Time to rethink.
I need to celebrate what this day "is" and not "what is not". It is a wonder to be alive and to share it with family and friends. It is a day when my wife got up at 4 am  to work as a volunteer for covid vaccinations in Sugarland Texas, 75 miles away. It is a day when a good friend will have an operation to relive pain and suffering. It is a day that I am lucky to be able to create in my studio. It is a day that I can share with my Dad... a laugh, a story or a joke or even a tear. It is a day to call an old friend and listen.  It is a day to call my kids and celebrate the joys and struggles of raising kids and their lives.
So my reflection today is to be observant and focus on the day for what it “is” and not “what it is not”.

Al Heilman MD

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