A simple water source/ solution for wet laps and wet belt sanders used in cold working glass and enamels.

January 14, 2018

A simple water source/ solution for wet laps and wet belt sanders used in cold working glass and enamels.

When I was setting up my cold working area in my studio I needed a simple way of getting water to my machines without expensive plumbing. Recirculating used water with a pump is possible but you risk introducing grit from previous steps, and thus scratches into your work from the wastewater contamination.

​Here is what I came up with and it works perfect.  I started out with a trip to the Lowes.  I am sure any home center will do.

​Hook one end of 1/4 inch tubing to your  machine(s) that needs water. I use 1/4 inch polypropylene tubing you can get at the  plumbing Dept. at Lowe's (or any home improvement store). Here you can see it is connected to my flat lap and wet belt sander.

I use a 5 gallon old paint  bucket for waste water. (Orange bucket in picture) You can see the white sediment in the bottom of the waste barrel. and on the bases of my machines.

Dan at Covington Engineering told me that Dumping glass grounds  directly on the lawn or plants  can suffocate  them with the ground glass waste and make a white colored mess that won't go away.   So  I use a large container I bought from Uline that I keep outside to pour waste water in and let the waste settle out before I pour the clean waste water on lawn. I  then throw this remaining concentrated sludge in trash. I use a closed container as I have grandkids and do not want them to wander into a open bucket..
(​If you have machine issues or questions I call Dan at Covington and he is a great help!!!)

I have used 2 separate lines connected to my flat lap and wet belt sander.  Another option would be to use 1 line from the hose bib and split in in your studio.  My choice was to avoid as many couplings as possible, so I ran 2 lines. 
​Here I am using 4 way splitter to run 2 separate machines.  Be sure the valve to your yard hose is closed when using machines so you get appropriate water pressure to the machines.  When done cold working I  close the valves to machines inside and out so I do not end up with water in my studio.  Label the  lines to make it easy to remember which line goes to  which machine.  If you live in a freezing climate you may have to insulate this and the lines.  In Texas this is not an issue most of the time. But not this week. It was sleet and ice today so wrapped faucet.  It was 17 degrees tonight , so stuff happens.
Here is link to buy thru the bog
​Click on link below  to order
Buy the brass connector from hose to 1/4 inch at the  plumbing supply department at Lowe's.  Get brass as plastic breaks with time.  Thread the other end of plastic pipe thru bushing and tighten with 2 wrenches.
​Buy splitter located in the lawn and garden department at Lowe's. I found these  by hoses. You can get either 2 or 4 way splitter.  Each outlet has its own valve. Get the  brass ones as they will last.   Be sure to place the black rubber washer it between splitter and brass hose bib when connecting it on your house. Tighten large coupler  to hose bib by hand no wrenches! Again be sure there is rubber washer in between splitter and hose bib on your house or it will leak.
​A 2 way splitter is shown in the  pictures below.  There are control valves for each side.  You can also get this so it will split 4 ways  as I have shown above.

Then attach the adapter you bought to go from a hose fitting to the 1/4 polypropylene tubing. Do not use a wrench as you can overtighten.

Be sure to use the  rubber washer when you connect this to your hose bib and you are ready to go.  When you turn on the hose bib outside your house be sure the close the  valve to your garden hose so you will get water pressure to your machines.  When I am done I turn off the water and  close the valves to my machines.. so if someone else opens the faucet to water outside to water the lawn my studio is not flooded.  For waste water in the studio I use a 5 gallon bucket as described above.  

Leave your feedback in the comments please.  Hope this works for you!!

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