Seasons Wall Panel

Al Heilman Art


Steel with multiple patinas, acrylic, on mounted on brass on Baltic birch panel

About this piece:
This work is a 3 dimensional wall panel.  
The integration of negative and positive spaces forms an initial experience.   As we journey thru life we experience positives and negatives that are complex. They change daily based on the energy of the moment.  The reflections and negative spaces in this work change with different light.
The background layer is the texture of growth rings in the Baltic birch panel.  This is much like a fingerprint as no two are alike.     The two Steel images are a reflection of movement and have a complexity expressed on the surfaces. One is smooth and gently formed.  The Second is highly textured and scared.   Representing the passages of life, time and experiences.      
​  When you look at them interacting  with each other you can appreciate the   seasons  our life evolve and how they relate with each other.