Memory glass geodes/rocks

Al Heilman Art


Our family lost a beloved pet and a Mother, this year.

I decided to develop a way to keep them close. It's a wonderful way to  celebrate life, and the ever-presence of a family member or pet in our hearts.

These are custom made glass rock/geodes which incorporate a small amount of your family member's or pet's ashes  directly into the fused glass. Colors are all customizable.  Rock size varies.   3x5x3 is the average size

Larger sizes are available for an additional cost. Rocks can be made to glow in the dark or not. Small inclusion bubbles are part of art glass and add interest.  These cannot be avoided.

Each one is unique and a personal treasure. We only use  a 15 cc vial of ashes.  What is not used will be returned to you, along  with you new rememberance. These can be displayed inside your home  or placed outside in  your garden.

The Production time variies.  The average is 6-12 weeks, as this is a time consuming process with multiple steps and firings, that uses a fair amount of glass. Each comes with it's own brass stand.

Email me and we can get one, or several designed  for you.

Light boxes are available.

Type: Fused Glass