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About the Artist


My Philosophy

In everything I do in life I believe in challenging the status quo. By thinking, living, and exploring life outside the "traditional" box. Life is never follows a straight line....and is full of new challenges. Therefore you can never stop growing or stimulating your brain. 

Initially I was trained as a spine surgeon and spent many years following this passion.  After a difficult medical issue, I was stimulated to develop a new paradigm.  For this I turned to Art.  

Art to me is much more complex than a fleeting image, texture, or color.  It is a very emotional and spiritual practice.

On good days it is nirvana, peace and ecstasy, and on bad days it is both meditative and mind therapy.   Problems and roadblocks tend to stimulate my creativity and learning. My Artistic Passions have evolved in  2 directions: Visual and Educational.


Visual Arts 

I use my art to express the emotions and feelings that I perceive living on a lake 
and in harmony with nature. As my work continues to evolve, I find a deep spiritual meaning to it.  It serves as as reflection of where I am in life's journey. It is a combination  of the many different passions and experiences I have had.
I am amazed and driven by nature, fire and light.

My work is dynamic. It visually changes as the energy of the environment changes around the work.  

I begin a great deal of my work with  photography.  I use it as a way to capture a fleeting image of life.  My work has  meditative qualities and has a basis in sunsets, sunrises and nature.  Many of sculptural  pieces have varying visual  expressions
when  the  light energy surrounding them changes. This gives as a surprising reflective voice of how our perceptions change with the time of the day or the energy we bring to the situation. 

My fine jewelry  is developed much in the same way, as a reflection on nature and the  visceral emotions surrounding it.  Jewelry is such a intimate object when you make it and for the wearer.   



What effects do the simple nutritional choices we make daily have on our long-term health and its cost as a society? This led to the development of the "The Nutrition and Art Program" In this program we use Art as a vehicle to tech young adults
Proper nutrition and the profound effect it has on children and adults  health. 



My studio and home are on lake in Willis, Texas.
Here I live with joy and respect of nature with my muse and wife Elizabeth, Harry our dog, and our 2 cats.


Join Me!

Get a behind the scenes view of the pieces I make, my artistic process & what inspires me to create each work of art.