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A surprise flight, and a note on studio safety.

May 24, 2018

A surprise flight, and a note on studio safety.

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated a wedding anniversary.... with an unexpected surprise flight and a rocky landing.
I was working with glass powders in my studio very early in the morning. I was letting my wife sleep in so the lights were dim in the bedroom.
I always put a respirator mask on when working with glass powders.  I wanted to record what I was doing with a picture.  My cell phone/camera was in the kitchen,  so I left my respirator face mask on and was "only" walking to the kitchen thru our master bedroom.
Then I became airborne as I did not see the dog on the floor (because of the respirator mask).  After tripping over the dog and becoming airborne my landing was bumpy and hard. 
Flying is fun but this is one flight I will pass on in the future. 
All this  because I did not take my respirator mask off. The next thing I knew my head was planted into the bedroom door after I had broken the mirror.  Luckily the dog, the door,  and I am OK.  Nothing broken except the mirror.  Later in the morning I was a  feeling weird  so I went to get this checked out.  After a Ct scan at the local emergency room I was sent home with a mild concussion, a bump on my thick skull,  a few bruises and more aches to enjoy, and a bill.  I had to  postpone our anniversary  dinner with my great wife/muse until I recover.  I am lucky that this is all that happened!

Lesson  learned that accidents happen very quickly and to never walk with a face respirator mask on as it impedes your vision.

I am posting this to remind all of us to think about safety every minute of every day.  As Artist's we work with some very dangerous items in our studio and stuff happens very fast that could severely hurt you or worse.  I hope this will prevent a similar accident.  Many of us work alone in our studios. 

It is important that we all think about a safety plan if something happened and no one was around. 
​Perhaps keeping a cell phone in your pocket of letting a friend know that you are working alone, (especially if you are doing a casting or dangerous procedure) and also letting them know when you leave the studio.  Hindsight is always 20:20. I was glad my wife was home when this happened to me.

Luckily I am recovering and should have no residuals.    

I wish all of you a great day creating in your studios.  

Be SAFE.  Only you are responsible.
I would love your feedback. Leave me a comment and I will get back to you. Thank you.

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